You’re Safe With Subaru EyeSight


There’s a reason we stand by our slogan of “looking after what matters.” We stand by Subaru’s advanced active, passive, and preventative safety measures, and we know that when you get into a Subaru you are getting into a car built to keep you safe. One of the many safety features that Subaru engineers work hard to ensure keeps you and your family safe on the roads is the EyeSight Driver Assist Technology.

The EyeSight system is available as an option on a number of models. This system acts like a second pair of eyes watching the road and keeping you safe. The system will warn you of any potential danger, as well as help you avoid potential danger. Using two cameras, EyeSight watched the road ahead and determines if any potentially dangerous situations occur. This is done through four technologies that work together to keep you safe.

Adaptive Cruise Control

In an ideal highway driving situation, cruise control works perfectly and requires almost no intervention. Unfortunately, that’s usually not the case. Subaru recognizes that, and as part of the EyeSight technology offers Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC).

ACC sets and maintains a certain speed as you drive, and using the cameras at the front of the car will monitor the cars that are driving around you. As you approach other vehicles ACC will adjust your speed to keep you a safe distance from the car ahead. For added safety, ACC can also bring your vehicle to a full stop when necessary and then resume the chosen speed once traffic begins again.

Pre-Collision Safety

Using the two cameras placed in the front of the car, your Subie will watch out for you and ensure you brake before a collision occurs. Pre-collision braking does exactly what it sounds like: it brakes for you. As you approach a dangerous situation, the Subaru EyeSight system recognizes the problem ahead of you. As it recognizes the problem, it begins to gradually slow the car, and if necessary, will come to a complete stop.  

EyeSight also offers Pre-Collision Throttle Management, which is designed to prevent collisions as a result of an absent-minded start of the car. If the EyeSight systems detect any hazards in your way, it will not allow you to drive forward into them.

Lane Departure and Sway Warning

The Lane Departure and Sway Warning work by activating a chime sound when you begin to drift too close to another lane. This keeps you from drifting too close to other cars or into potentially hazardous situations. With this alert, you stay in your lane and as safe as possible.

For more information on the safety features that Subaru models can deliver you, contact one of our sales representatives today.