You know how important it is to keep your Subaru maintained. Regular maintenance on your car is important to ensuring it remains safe and valuable for years to come. When it comes time for servicing, you should be as mindful of who is working on your car as you are of what’s going into it. Don’t take chances; trust your vehicle to a Subaru Certified Technician.

Knowledgeable and highly trained

Our Certified Technicians see the insides of thousands of Subaru vehicles every year and have in-depth knowledge and skills required to perform all forms of maintenance and repairs on your car. Training is passed down by instructors who are educated by the same people who designed and engineered your Subaru in the first place, meaning they have the right expertise to diagnose and service any aspect of it.

Backed by the best

In addition to being trained by the best, Certified Technicians have access to technical support and resources from the same trained instructors and engineers. They constantly take part in additional training at designated facilities across Canada and an extensive online system to ensure that they are up to date on the latest features and elements of our vehicles. The ongoing training also helps to recertify technicians regularly and awards their passion with increasing levels of status, such as Master Technician. Because of their training, they have expertise that goes far beyond the knowledge of basic repair shop techs.

Certified Subaru technicians are not only knowledgeable about the requirements of your vehicle, they also have direct access to the genuine parts needed to maintain the efficiency, quality and safety of your vehicle, as well as the specific tools to ensure their proper installation. When you have your vehicle serviced by a Certified Technician, you can be assured that you are getting the best every time you bring it in.