The Subaru Outback Gives You The Confidence to Take on Any Adventure

Subaru Outback Driving Confidence with X-Mode

The Subaru Outback is a versatile vehicle, perfect for the driver who wants a car that can easily take them from routine city driving to the muddiest dirt roads without pause. The Outback is the midsize alternative to a traditional SUV that will fit your life and helps give you the confidence to take on any adventure, no matter the destination.


X-MODE® comes standard on Subaru Outback, Forester, and Crosstrek models. It is a Subaru exclusive feature which works with the Subaru symmetrical full-time AWD. X-MODE® makes it easier for you to get to the road less travelled, taking on muddy, uneven, rough terrain with confidence and ease. X-MODE® comes standard on Outback models with Lineartronic® CVT.

X-MODE® Incline Help

When you’re driving up a steep hill or incline with lower traction obstacles, such as uneven or rough terrain, X-MODE® kicks in and will use lower gear ratios. This distributes more power at the wheel that has the most grip and offers 25% more AWD clutch pressure to control rotational differences in the front and back wheels of the vehicle to offer greater stability and forward momentum.

X-MODE® Traction Control

X-MODE® also offers increased sensitivity in the traction control system of the Outback. This reduces the time it takes for a wheel to regain traction and forward momentum after a loss of traction. This improves stability even in the worst conditions, giving drivers the confidence they need to take the road less travelled.

X-MODE® Decline Control

X-MODE® comes equipped with a Hill Descent Control (HDC) feature. This feature allows you to maintain a constant, safe speed during the descent of a steep hill. HDC ensures that you decline at less than 20km/h, meaning that the driver does not have to apply the breaks and risk locking them as they take the decline.

The HDC system sensors allow it to read the road conditions, automatically applying the necessary break pressure to each individual wheel. This makes it perfect for windy hills with many turns, allowing the driver to focus solely on steering and navigating obstacles, while their Subaru does the rest. It does not, however, take complete control away. When you step on the break or the gas, HDC releases control and the driver takes over breaking.

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