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Keeping Up With Your Subaru Vehicle Maintenance This Winter

winter vehicle maintenance

At the start of winter you had prepared your vehicle to be in winter weather condition, now it is important to keep your Subaru in the best condition throughout the winter season. Make sure you are driving safe and performing vehicle maintenance in order to keep your subie running smoothly, and safely. A few of simple maintenance tasks include… Read more »

Preparing Your Subaru for Winter Snow Storms

Preparing Your Subaru for Winter Snow Storms

Keep the surprises for Christmas gifts, not for unexpected car failures this winter. With our first fall of snow this winter, it’s time to ensure your Subaru is ready for potential winter snow storms. By taking preventative measures to ensure your Subaru is winter road ready, can ideally save you the hassle of being stuck… Read more »

Is your Subaru Winter Ready?

Is your Subaru Winter Ready?

Winter changes the way that you care for your body, so it is only fair that it changes the way that you care for your car. As the temperature begins to drop, cars start to feel the effects, and that is when it is time to start winterizing your vehicle. It is recommended around this… Read more »

Keep Your Subaru Clean This Winter!

When winter hits, many drivers stop washing their Subaru as often as in the spring and summer. Sure, a clean car just looks so good in the warm sunshine, but washing your vehicle does more than keep it looking like new. We know a clean vehicle doesn’t stay that way with snow and slush, but… Read more »

Get Your Subie Ready for the Snow

You may have read the title of this and thought, “isn’t my Subaru already prepared for the winter”? Well, yes it is…but there are always things you should do and check before another winter season hits us here in Ontario. DO THE WINTER CHECK LIST To ready your Subaru for the snow, you should check… Read more »