Subaru’s Latest Innovation: VIZIV Concept

subaru viziv sti concept

Subaru has had an amazing 2018 so far with many highlights, from releasing a new concept car in early January, winning 7 IIHF safety awards, and now releasing a new Subaru VIZIV Performance STI Concept – and the year has only just started.

Subaru has unveiled a new Subaru VIZIV Performance STI Concept at the Geneva International Motor Show. The VIZIV concept is the future Tourer Wagon, offering cutting-edge technology, leisure, and sophistication all mixed into one. The new Subaru VIZIV concept represents the new state of the art Subaru lineup of being a “vision for innovation.”

Design of the VIZIV Concept

The Subaru VIZIV concept leads with a distinctive hexagonal grille with a long wheelbase (2730 mm) to accommodate the active lifestyle of most Subaru owners, offering superior handling. The new design also contains four prominent fenders and a large hood scoop to accent the sophistication and sporty look for the all-new Subaru lineup.

Cutting Edge Technology

With a new model comes updated technology as well. The VIZIV concept is designed to give you a smooth drive thanks to the Symmetrical All Wheel Drive and Subaru’s BOXER engine. The concept will also offer driver-assist technologies such as the Subaru EyeSight system, as well as semi-automatic cruise control to make the driving experience more comfortable.

Interior of the VIZIV Concept

With the large wheelbase, the concept will offer all the space you could need to accommodate luggage and cargo, making the VIZIV concept the perfect vehicle for long road trips. While the cabin is spacious, it is only able to seat four passengers, leaving more room for storage.

The Subaru VIZIV is looking into the future of Subaru’s lineup by offering cutting-edge technology, new designs for the interior and exterior. This new model is guiding Subaru into the future and is expected to be released within in the year 2020. Until then, check out Subaru of Niagara’s current inventory list to find a Subaru best suited for you, and keep an eye on our blog for more updates!