Subaru Owner Resources Site – A Helpful Hand

Subaru vehicles are stocked with a huge range of features to help make your driving experience comfortable, safe, and exciting. In addition to the features that are optional or already included in your car, there are also a number of accessories, warranties, and guides to help improve the experience even further. Keeping track of everything though can be a bit tricky, but fortunately Subaru Canada realizes this and offers a great section on their site called Owner Resources.

On the Owner Resources site you’ll find links to information regarding all aspects of your Subaru car. You can check out the available accessories sorted by each model as well as the suggest list price for each one. You can choose from the range of audio, body, cargo and wheel options available for your model. You can also check out the various STi detail accents, such as shift knobs and pedal sets to make your Subaru look its sleekest. Some of the accessories are generic and available for all models, but some are specific to your specific vehicle and will help expand its transport capabilities and visual appeal. The body accessories section also helps in those infrequent, but unfortunate incidents when damage occurs.

You’ll also find warranty details in the Owner Resources sections that will provide basic information on the various parts of your warranty (lengths and components) but users should take note that the best explanation of your warranty coverage will come from your Subaru dealer, so be sure to use them as a resource for further explanation on how the warranty applies to your car. If you’re interested in adding a Protection Plan to your new car or extending your Subaru C.A.R.E plan, you can also find detailed information about the options available as well.

Two of the sections we think are best for drivers are the Vehicle Maintenance and Audio and Bluetooth links. Under Vehicle Maintenance, you are able to access the specific vehicle maintenance guide you’re your car based on its engine type and mileage. This is a great resource to help keep track of the regular maintenance you should have performed to extend the life of your car and protect your investment. This section also offers a Vehicle Warning Lights reference and instructions page.

One of the most important parts of your vehicle is no doubt its audio and handsfree system. However, if you’re not familiar with the technology, these can often be some of the trickiest features to operate and get the best performance out of. You can find links to your vehicle’s owner’s manual which will provide detailed instructions for setting up your audio system, connecting your devices and using the vehicle’s  navigation system (where available). This section is also an excellent resource for people looking for their first Subaru; you can view models by year and trim package to see what the available standard audio and Bluetooth systems are (Subaru, Pioneer, or BlueConnect)

Finally, there is the ever important FAQ section that offers answers to over 30 common questions that range from the right soap for washing your vehicle to the effect of after-market components on your warranty. If our blog can’t answer your questions, there is a good chance this section will!

You can access the resource site by clicking here.

Of course, if you have any questions about your vehicle, its features, or any other Subaru related inquiry, feel free to contact Subaru of Niagara! We’re always happy to help you get the best experience from your car.