Subaru Graduate Rebate

Congratulations graduates! All those years of hard work at school have finally paid off, and you’ve got that degree or diploma in your hand. You’ll be donning the cap and gown very soon to make that walk across the stage to receive the piece of paper that says you did it. To make this time even more exciting for you, Subaru has a graduation present for you. And trust us when we say, you’ll love it!

Nearly 4% of new Subaru vehicles that left Canadian Subaru lots last year left with new graduates. These grads were ready to take on this exciting next phase of their life with Canada’s most reliable cars.

Post-grad is a new adventure!

The Subaru lifestyle is all about adventure. Stepping out of the world of education and into the workforce after finishing your college or university programs is an adventure of its own. Start the adventure off right with a car that is designed to ensure your safety while you take on whatever adventure comes next!

Whether you’re doing post-grad traveling or beginning a new career, Subaru has the right match for the car you need. With amazing gas mileage and exceptional safety features, Subaru has the perfect car, no matter what your next step is.

Love from Subaru

Our graduation present to you is the Subaru Graduate Rebate Program! This program offers all qualified college and university graduates a $750 cash rebate when purchasing a new or certified pre-owned Subaru vehicle!

Subaru of Niagara can help you decide which new Subaru vehicle is right for you. Come see our sales team and we can help find your perfect car.

You deserve a reward for graduating. You put years of effort into finishing school, and you should be proud of yourself! Take advantage of this great offer and give yourself a reward and a great car today.

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