Subaru Driving Tips: Driving with Cruise Control

Driving Tips

When you hit the open road, what is the first thing you usually do? For many of us, we sit back, hit cruise control and enjoy the ride. Cruise control is a great feature to control your speed on the highway, but are you using it correctly? At Subaru of Niagara, we want to make sure that while you're loving being behind the wheel, you're still safe, and so here are some tips for cruising.

What is cruise control?

Cruise control is the system that automatically controls the speed of your vehicle by taking over the throttle and maintaining the speed you set. Once cruise control is engaged, you do not have to keep your foot on the accelerator. Not only does it make you more comfortable, it controls your speed and makes you a safer driver.

When to use it

Cruise control is meant to be used when road conditions are ideal. The best time to use it is when traffic is light and moving steadily. As long as you are focused and alert and the road is open, set your cruise control to the speed limit and enjoy the open road. You'll really love your cruise control option during those long stretches of highway on those road trips that feel endless.

When to opt out

Cruise control is handy, but using it at the wrong time can be dangerous. When road conditions are less than perfect, keep your foot on the accelerator for complete control. On slippery surfaces, cruise control can cause front or rear wheel skids. Similarly, using cruise control in the rain can cause hydroplaning if you drive across any water on the road. It doesn't matter how alert you are when using cruise control, if the roads are wet or slippery, it's better to opt out and take manual control.

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