Subaru gets self-driving test license in California

Subaru self-driving cars

Subaru is one of the newest members on the list of companies clear to test autonomous driving technology on state roads in California, bringing the list to 22. The state’s DMV granted Subaru the permission to do so on February 9th.


Subaru already in the business of advanced features

Subaru is already ahead of the game, with advanced driver assist features that are already in our vehicles. The EyeSight branded options currently offer drivers adaptive cruise control, sway warning, and pre-collision braking.

New features to enhance Subaru vehicles

Traffic jam autonomous navigation and steering is one of the newest features planning to be introduced. This feature is designed to work in traffic with speeds up to 40mph.

Highway driving semi-autonomy capabilities is also in the works, with plans to have this ready by 2020. These capabilities will include lane changing and following the road around bends, curves, you name it!

Fuji Heavy Industries announcements

In 2016, Subaru’s parent company FHI announced that all of Subaru’s next-gen vehicles will use the same design platform. That includes sedans, crossovers, gas-powered, and future all-electric cars.

This common platform will help FHI reduce manufacturing and engineering costs while also improving stability, and comfort. Not to mention, noise and vibration will be reduced.

Looking to California

California is the hot spot for the companies in the market today looking to create autonomous or semi-autonomous driving features in the near future, because of the permitting program introduced by the state’s DMV. Trials on public highways and city streets are allowed for automakers and tech companies that meet its requirements and pay the modest lacewings fee.


Subaru joins companies such as NVIDIA, Good and Baidu, Ford, and Mercedes. It’ll be interesting to see what the future holds for these technological innovations, and how driving in the modern world will shift.