Plug In your Subaru with a Block Heater this Winter

Winter is a terrible thing to waste

We've seen some pretty chilly days this winter and there are bound to be more — we are in Canada after all. Your Subaru may love to take on the winter roads, but it doesn't like the cold temperatures any more than you do. That's where a block heater comes in. Keep your Subaru warm and happy by plugging in when the temperature drops.

What is a block heater and why do you need one?

A block heater isn't that different from the electrical element in an electric kettle specifically designed to keep your Subaru engine warm in the winter. We've already seen the temperature dip well below -20˚C and starting your engine in freezing temperatures isn't the best thing for your Subaru. Having a block heater that is specially designed to be installed and operate in the engine of your Subaru will make sure to keep your engine running well all winter.

How does a block heater work?

Once Subaru of Niagara installs your block heater, you just have to plug into a regular electrical outlet early on those cold winter mornings, If you plug into a timer and set to turn on around 4:00 - 5:00 a.m., you won't even have to brave the frigid morning.

The block heater will heat up, raising your car's cooling system up to or near the optimal operating temperature. No more waiting for your vehicle to heat up! Immediately after starting your ignition, you will feel the heat from your car's heater and you will see the snow and ice on your windshield melt away faster.

When you engine's coolant is closer to the optimal operating temperature, the heat will transfer through your engine and heat up the oil as well. This will relieve the starter from the strain of trying to turn over an engine with thick cold oil and get the moving parts inside your Subaru lubricated sooner.

Once you start using a block heater, you won't want to go back. It's just another way to enjoy the winter roads with your Subaru!