Parking Basics: Parallel Parking

Parallel Parking

If you can't park, you can't drive anywhere. Whether you are a new driver or have been on the roads for year but still let parking get the best of you, Subaru of Niagara wants to help you with the basic parking methods so that you look as good parking your Subaru as you do driving it.

How to reverse parallel park

Step 1) Find the right space

Ideally, you're looking at a space that is a few metres longer than your car; that's long enough that you aren't going to risk damaging other vehicles or being too tight to get in and out of.

Step 2) Pull up to the vehicle in front of the space

We'll call it Car A. Pull up as close and straight as possible to Car A, so you are parallel. If the cars are different lengths, line up the backs of the vehicles.

Step 3) Crank the wheel

While fully stopped, turn your steering wheel all the way towards the spot you are aiming for. Do not move while doing this, that's the next step.

Step 4) Start reversing slowly

Turn around and look out the back of your vehicle and start reversing toward the car behind the parking spot (Car B). Keep your steering wheel cranked for this step.

Step 5) Stop reversing

When you see the front corner of Car B in the centre of rear window, stop and turn your wheel back to centre.

Step 6) Continue reversing

Once your wheel is straight, continue to reverse slowly. When the front of your vehicle has just barely passed the back of Car A, stop.

Step 7) Crank your wheel

This time, you are going to turn your steering wheel the opposite of before. Again, you are completely stopped for this.

Step 8) Continue reversing

You're almost there! Continue reversing slowly towards Car B, keeping your wheel fully turned. Once your car is perfectly parallel in your spot, straighten the wheel. put your vehicle in park and you're done! Congrats!

Remember, there is no substitute for practice, so after you've read this, get out there and try it yourself. And remember to check back for more parking tips from the pros at Subaru of Niagara!

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