Pack Your Subaru Crosstrek Effectively For Vacation


It’s officially summer, and that means it is time to prepare for any vacations you’ll be taking! The Subaru Crosstrek is a great vehicle for a summer road trip or adventure. Not only is it a top rated IIHS Safety pick, it is spacious enough for everyone to sit comfortably, and can fit all of your cargo easily. The Crosstrek offers 55.3 cubic feet of cargo space, with convenient 60/40 split rear seats. As well, with the wider opening for the 2018 Crosstrek model, loading in all of the essentials for your trip is easier than ever.

There are a number of ways you can pack your Crosstrek effectively, using a few helpful tools to ensure everything fits and stays in place as you travel.

Cargo Net

With the cargo net, which attaches to both sides of the cargo area, you can keep important items from sliding around and moving. It’s also helpful to keep items which may not stand up (taking less space than laying flat) standing. The net does not take up the entire cargo area, leaving lots of room for other items to fit easily behind the net.

Cargo Area Tray

If you’re on your way back from an off-roading event, transporting dirty, wet or muddy shoes, you can keep things from getting too messy with the durable cargo area tray. The hard plastic tray comes standard on most Crosstrek trims and is easy to remove and clean. This keeps the cargo area clean for your next trip, preventing your things from getting muddy.

Cargo Area Cover

With the cargo area cover, not only can you keep your cargo hidden and safe with the cargo area cover, but you can also use the cover to hold lightweight items for some extra storage space. Be cautious with what items are stored on the cover, heavy items can damage the cover and items that are too large can reduce visibility and be dangerous.

For more information on accessories, you can get to make the most out of your 2018 Crosstrek, visit Subaru of Niagara today!