Keep Your Subaru Looking as Good as New

keep your subaru looking as good as new

Summer has hit Niagara with a warm welcome, and it’s the perfect reason to be outside to swim, camp, and hit the beach. To do all of these things in a small window of warm weather means your car may now need a little TLC. Take advantage of a warm summer day by hitting a shady spot and making your vehicle look as good as you feel when summer hits Canada!

Hand Wash Your Subaru

Washing your car by hand requires a little more effort than hitting your local car wash, but experts encourage the handwash rather than automated car washes because it helps protect your vehicle in the long run. One of the ways it helps protect your Subaru is because you have full control of products, tools, and process of how to wash your car. This minimizes the risk of scratches, nicks or stains which can come from harsh automated car washes. A key thing to remember is to avoid dishwashing detergent. Many misinformed “DIY” articles will tell you to grab the detergent, but be it is not recommended. The harsh detergent can cause serious future damage as it strips your cars protective wax coatings.

Bring Out the Pantyhose

Your headlights, fog lights, and brake lights all need an equal amount of attention. Keeping these lights clean makes your car look sharp, but more importantly, it keeps you safe on the road. The common hack is to grab an old pair of pantyhose or nylons and use that to clean. Using the pantyhose/nylon with window cleaner, scrub the lights until they are clean and shining.

Vacuum and Shampoo

The inside of your car should be just as clean as the outside, but it’s definitely nothing to look forward to when you don’t know where to start. First give the interior a good vacuum to pick up dust, debris and crumbs that can easily find themselves living in small spaces and corners (we are guilty of this too). After that use a stiff scrub brush and foaming carpet shampoo that doesn’t leave moisture behind.

To ensure a dry clean you should leave windows and doors open, so be sure to pick a dry day to do this. While it will be clean if you follow this process, if you’re looking for a fresher, cleaner smell in your car then try a dryer sheet as an air freshener after a shampoo. Place them under the seats to get full car freshness

Hand Dry Your Car

You started out hand washing your car so why not hand dry your car? When you just let it air dry it leaves dirt and dust, and your clean wet car becomes a magnet for these particles to stick to. When you’re done with the wash, grab a rubber-blade squeegee and a microfiber cloth to remove all excess water and cleaning products. Microfiber cloths are an important part of this step – they won’t leave fibres behind, and they will absorb moisture more effectively than a regular towel will.

Make Glass Shine

The last step in giving your Subaru the TLC it deserves is to clean the glass since it will have residue left from washing and drying. When you’re ready to clean your windows, use a glass cleaner without ammonia preferably. Ammonia often leaves behind an unpleasant odour, and more importantly, it can cause serious harm to vinyl and to your instrument panel. Take a new microfiber cloth and an ammonia-free glass cleaner to give your windows that new car shine!

Our team at Subaru Niagara have even more tricks up their sleeve when it comes to keeping your Subaru looking new. Stop by or contact us at Subaru Niagara to learn more, or to find the right cleaning products for your car. Happy cleaning!