If you’re a true car enthusiast, Subaru has he you should meet. The all-new 2015 Subaru WRX STI is here, coming from a long line of amazing road cars with race creds. With refined styling, new technology and more desirable features, you get the same core technology that you have come to expect from these driver-oriented vehicles with the comfort and convenience of the everyday drive.

So without further adieu…The all-new 2015 WRX STI:


Like with all other Subarus, our engineers focused on driver safety with the WRX STI. Typical of the STI, a knob and controls below the shift lever let you customize the chassis and suspension (SI-Drive) as well as the power distribution settings. How does this translate to added safety features? Simple. The WRX STI can go very fast in any weather condition.

The WRX STI also say a complete redesign to achieve rear traction for handling improvement. With an increased use of high-strength steel and the addition of key structural components (A-pillar, roof cross-member) made from lighter stiffer hot-stamped steel (and yes, this is part of the process to make Samurai swords) you get a total bending rigidity that is up 30% and torsional rigidity up 40%.


The 2015 WRX STI underwent a major overhaul in the looks department with sleeker, more refined and aggressive styling. You can’t deny that the 2015 model is oozing performance from every angle. The wide, low stance speaks to impressive cornering, the aerodynamic touches hint at increased stability and the fierce look cues the desire.

And then there’s the interior. A performance-oriented cockpit makes all the difference in the world — and the WRX and WRX STI fulfill this promise beautifully. Intuitive controls. A host of advanced technologies and multimedia options. Sporty finishing touches. Plus a larger, brighter, more versatile cabin with added space for the driver and passengers makes these performance cars well-designed even for everyday use.


And we’re only scratching the surface of this amazing sports car for the everyday driver. Consider these additional key features you’ll get when you decide to get behind of the wheel of the WRX STI:

Twin-scroll turbocharged, direct-injection 2.0L SUBARU BOXER engine
6-speed manual transmission or optional Sport Lineartronic™ automatic featuring SI-DRIVE and paddle shifters
17-inch aluminum alloy wheels with gun metal coating
Sporty, flat-bottom leather-wrapped steering wheel with audio, Bluetooth® and cruise control integration
Performance-designed front seats

One more thing…

Did we mention the 2015 WRX STI is in our showroom now? Because it is. And you should probably see it for yourself.