Introducing Starlink by Subaru

introducing starlink by subaruSubaru’s Starlink in-vehicle technology works to keep both you and your car safe. Starlink was created as an entertainment and safety hub for your Subaru and is completely accessible from your computer and mobile device. As an entertainment feature, Starlink can be used as a hands-free way to control radio settings, or even read text messages. On the other hand, Subaru is known for their world-class safety ratings, and Starlink is another factor that increases the brands’ safety ratings. Starlink is instantaneously available and assists with roadside assistance dispatch, and is instantly notified in more serious circumstances. Here are the top five benefits of Starlink.

Automatic Collision Notification

Every time an airbag is deployed, a member of the Starlink dispatch team is notified and communicates via the speakers in the car to the passengers of the car to find out all necessary information. In these situations, Starlink has the capability to send emergency services to the exact location of the car, which is useful if car occupants are unresponsive.

SOS Emergency Assistance

If there is a serious issue, such as lightheadedness while driving or another medical emergency, there is an SOS button that connects directly to Starlink. A Starlink Customer Care Advisor can be reached by this button 24/7 and will take the necessary action to resolve the problem.

Enhanced Roadside Assistance

Located beside the SOS button, there is also a blue “i” button that is intended to be used for non-emergency roadside assistance. In the event of a flat tire, this button can be used to gain access to a representative and they will find the necessary responder to help.

Stolen Vehicle Recovery

If your vehicle is ever stolen, after filing a police report, Starlink should be the next phone call. Starlink can be reached from the app on your mobile device or via their number, and they will begin to work with the police to recover the whereabouts of your Subaru.

Remote Services

The MySubaru app is connected to the Starlink feature and will give you access to several features that can take place remotely. Some of the features that are a part of this app are the remote lock/unlock remote horn and lights, and a remote vehicle locator. These services come in handy if you have ever lost your car in a parking lot and need a little help remembering where you’ve parked.

Starlink has added to the overall safety rating of the Subaru brand. These innovative driving features add a peace of mind to drivers and making sure you’re always keeping safe what matters. If you’re ready to buy a new Subaru equipped with Starlink, visit us at Subaru of Niagara.