How Subaru’s Automatic Reverse Braking Keeps You Safe

2018 subaru crosstrek

There’s so much to reveal when a new Subaru makes its debut to the public. Today, most of us look at the technology, as it helps us stay safe and connected, especially with the external environment. Subaru takes notice of technology and leads it’s competitors when it comes to incorporating technology into the safety of their vehicles.

One of the best ways they do this is by creating the automatic reverse braking technology within its Driver Assistance technology. Learn about EyeSight technology that is shifting the driving experience to make it safer for those inside and outside your Subaru.

How does automatic braking work?

You know the drill. You reverse and crank your neck all the way back, manoeuvring in so many directions to make sure you’re not going to bump into something or someone. We have all been there, and Subaru knows it too. For the most part, we react quickly enough, but you can’t avoid what you can’t see.

The Subaru reverse automatic braking can act as a safety net, ensuring you always have a line of sight and a back-up for those moments you need it the most.

Automated alerts

When reversing in a Subaru vehicle, your 12-inch screen prompts you with green, yellow, and red guidelines to prompt you with how close you are to an object. But, you will also hear a series of beeps to indicate when you’re getting too close to something behind your vehicle.

We’re all human, and sometimes the prompts and alerts don’t always leave us with much time to react. That’s when the automatic brakes come in when you don’t react to these alerts your Subaru will act for you as an extra safety measure. Your brakes are immediately applied to help you avoid a potential collision.

Subaru safety

This driver assistance technology is part of Subaru EyeSight, permitting to be your extra set of reliable eyes and ears on the road. Reverse Automatic Braking is just another example of how Subaru engineers are going above and beyond for safety, bring peace of mind to all owners and pedestrians.

At Subaru protecting you is paramount, to learn more about the Automatic reverse braking technology, or learn more about the entire Driver Assistance system, contact our team at Subaru of Niagara today!