Get The Most Value For Your Car

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When you’re ready to buy a new car, you will likely look at how to best get rid of your current vehicle. You can privately sell your car, or you can trade it in. If you’ve decided to trade in your car for a newer model, there are some things you can do before trading your vehicle in to ensure that you get the best price for your used car.

Gather Your Maintenance Documentation

When you trade in your vehicle you want to be able to prove that you followed a regular maintenance schedule on the car. If maintenance is out of date, get the car serviced before trading it in. If you do have to service the car before trading it in, make sure it’s something that is worth it – if you won’t recoup the cost, in the end, consider whether the service is really worth it.

If you get anything else done to the vehicle before the trade in aside from maintenance on the engine, bring that documentation as well. For example, any paint or body repairs that can prove you keep your vehicle in good condition are things you should provide.

Clean Your Vehicle

No one wants to purchase a messy car or unclean car, and that same goes for a dealership where you’re trading in your vehicle. A clean vehicle can increase the value of your car by hundreds of dollars. Before you trade it in, wash your car both on the exterior or the interior.

If you’d rather pay to have your car detailed, you may find it easy to recoup your costs. If you spend $50 to get your car detailed, you can see an over $50 increase in the value of your car when trading it in.

Do Your Research

Understand your car’s worth before you even approach a dealership to trade your car in. While dealerships aren’t in the business of severely undervaluing your car, some vehicle owners can be surprised at the depreciation of the value of their vehicle. Look at vehicles from the same year as your car and with a similar number of kilometres on the vehicle to see what price range cars are being resold for.

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