Enjoy Driving With The 2018 Subaru Forester

Subaru Forester Driving

There’s no denying that the 2018 Subaru Forester is a head-turning, show-stopping vehicle. The exterior styling is simple and sophisticated. It is the compact SUV that fits in every aspect of your life, offering you the space that you need and the features that make driving an enjoyable and fun experience.

Not Your Average Mirrors

The 2018 Forester offers an upgrade on your mirrors. The side mirrors are power-adjustable, designed to provide the driver with the most visibility possible. Gone are the days of fogged up mirrors or scraping frost off – the 2018 Forester offers optional heated side mirrors to make your life more convenient, and your drive safer.

The mirrors also offer integrated LED turn signals built in, with an auto-dimming reflector function available on select models and trims. This feature adds added signal visibility in poor conditions, once again working to make your vehicle safer on the road, giving the driver a more comfortable and confident driving experience.

Enjoy Every Sunny Day

Sometimes just rolling down the windows on a sunny day isn’t enough – sometimes you need an extra large sunroof to offer you all the rays of sunshine possible during your road trip (even if that road trip is your commute to work on sunny days). The sunroof (an option for most trims of the 2018 Forester) offers not just a gorgeous view of the sunny sky above, but also offers fresh air for everyone in the vehicle for additional airflow to keep the car cool and comfortable on even the hottest day.

The sunroof available in the Forester is larger than the average sunroof, which helps in making the interior of the vehicle feel more spacious and bright, so you’ll never feel cramped even when every seat is filled. When not in use, a manual sunshade blocks out the sun to help keep the interior cooler.

Automatic ON/OFF Headlights

Available on select trims for the 2018 model, automatic ON/OFF headlights will automatically turn on in low-light conditions with poor visibility – including once the sun goes down, or even if you’re driving under a tunnel.

These lights are also ideal for the person who regularly forgets to turn off their lights when they leave their car. Never come outside to a dead battery again – these automatic headlights shut off as soon as the key leaves the ignition. Some trims offer Steering Responsive Headlights as part of the optional Subaru Eyesight Package. These lights follow the direction of your steering wheel as your car takes a turn, offering you better visibility and earlier warning in the event of any obstacles.

If you’re looking for more information on what makes the 2018 Subaru Forester the best car available to drive, visit the Subaru of Niagara lot where one of our Sales Consultants will walk you through some of the other amazing optional features that will make your driving experience a great one.