Don’t Forget Fall Vehicle Maintenance

Fall Vehicle Maintenance TipsVehicle maintenance is extremely important to consider in preparation for the chilly days and endless amounts of snow ahead. If your vehicle is not properly taken care of, there is a greater risk of damage due to the harsh weather. Consider the following vehicle maintenance tips when preparing your car for the upcoming season.

Check Your Battery

The last thing you want is a dead battery when trying to start your car during a snowstorm. It is important to check your car’s battery and battery connections to ensure everything is running smoothly. Check all cables and connections, making sure they are snug and in place. You can disconnect and clean all wires with a wire brush, and take care to make sure they are placed back in their correct settings.

Trust Your Wipers

Windshield wipers see the most usage during the during the “wetter” seasons–often fall and winter. It is recommended to change your wipers every fall, so they will be in top condition by the time winter begins.

Brighten Your Headlights

The older the car, the more likely headlights can become cloudy or hazy. Clouded lenses are a serious safety concern, as they compromise visibility at night. As the days become shorter and snow and rain blur visibility, it is extremely important to check that your headlights are clear and bright. The simplest way to fix this issues is buying an inexpensive headlight restoration kit.

Have a Spare Tire Ready

Many car owners have a spare tire in case of emergencies, however, most do not frequently check the tire for durability. Tire deflation is said to occur whenever the temperature drops 10 degrees, therefore checking your spare tire every few months is recommended. In general, it is also good practice to keep an eye on your current tires in case of pressure drops and overall maintenance.

Book an Appointment at Subaru Niagara

It is highly recommended to follow the above tips when keeping up with vehicle maintenance for the upcoming winter season. Consider having a professional inspect your vehicle by bringing it into Subaru of Niagara, where our trusted service team will inspect your vehicle in preparation for the cooler months. Call today or book an appointment online.