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Why you need to get into a Subaru

Why you need to get into a Subaru

Subaru Canada set another monthly sales record in October of this year. With the direction in which monthly sales records are heading, it provides evidence that 2017 may be Subaru Canada’s best-ever year for annual sales. So what does this mean for Subaru? Why are consumers so loyal to our brand of vehicles? It may be the… Read more »

Is your Subaru Winter Ready?

Is your Subaru Winter Ready?

Winter changes the way that you care for your body, so it is only fair that it changes the way that you care for your car. As the temperature begins to drop, cars start to feel the effects, and that is when it is time to start winterizing your vehicle. It is recommended around this… Read more »

Subaru of Niagara Athletic Rebate Opportunity

Subaru Canada Inc. believes in a healthy lifestyle full of fun and excitement. That’s why Subaru supports many athletic competitions, encouraging everyone to get out and get active. Subaru supports and encourages everyone to join the Subaru IRONMAN Canada, Subaru Canada Triathlon Series, and Subaru Centurion Cycling series. In fact, Subaru supports Canadians joining in… Read more »

The Subaru Graduate Rebate Program offered at Subaru of Niagara

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Congratulations graduates! All those years of hard work at school have finally paid off, and you’ve got that degree or diploma in your hand. You’ll be donning the cap and gown very soon to make that walk across the stage to receive the piece of paper that says you did it. To make this time… Read more »

Subaru of Niagara is renovating!

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There are big and very exciting things happening at Subaru of Niagara right now! Renovations are now officially underway on our Subaru of Niagara building. We will have constant updates, sneak peeks and videos of the construction progress! Subaru of Niagara is still open! The sales area, service area, parts department, and showroom will all be… Read more »

April comes in as Subaru Canada’s best month EVER

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Subaru Canada Inc. just announced that they had their best ever monthly sales during the month of April! 5,523 units were retailed last month, breaking records for the number of units sold in one single month. If Subaru is able to maintain this momentum, we’ll smoothly surpass 2016’s record year of sales with over 50,… Read more »

Introducing Subaru’s Meet an Owner Program

Subaru has introduced a new system to connect owners globally. #MeetAnOwner is a new hashtag started by the company, that links to a website where owners can create a profile with videos, photos, and interests. We are creating our own social network of owners – and you’re invited! What is it? The website features… Read more »

Subaru Impreza Ranked One of Wards 10 Best Interiors

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We’ve raved before about how great the Subaru Impreza’s are. They’re top of the line in safety, they’re stylish, they’re affordable, and they’re functional. Once again, this week the Impreza got the recognition it so deserves, but this time – for the interior.

PZEV: What is it and why do I need it?

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You may have seen the PZEV badge on Subaru vehicles driving around the city recently. If you have seen it, and you’re wondering just what it might be, then this blog is for you. PZEV stands for Partial Zero Emission Vehicle. What does that actually mean? Well it means that even though the Subaru PZEV… Read more »

Check out the designs for Subaru Canada’s new SUV

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This year’s circuit of auto shows has been full of new model unveiling. For Subaru Canada Inc., and the 2017 New York International Auto Show was no exception to this exciting round of unveiling that Subaru has done. The New York International Auto Show got the chance to see the official unveiling of the concept design… Read more »