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Canadians are recognizing what we at Subaru of Niagara already promote every day, the value and benefits of a Subaru vehicle. Subaru Canada is experiencing unprecedented growth, in fact, this past October sales numbers were our best yet. 

Sales across the country bested 15% compared to last year, in Ontario alone, sales grew 17.9%. Canadians are simply falling in love with our vehicles, particularly the Forester, Outback and Crosstrek. Year over year, Subaru Canada is growing, growing into a brand that Canadians trust.

Growth by the Numbers

The Forester made the biggest leap in sales last month, growing over 30% with a total of 1228 vehicles old. The Outback also experienced impressive growth followed by our Crosstrek model with experience a 24.2% growth in sales.

Sales for our WRX/WRX STI model experienced the most growth, increasing 50% from October of last year. Features including it’s race credentials, refined styling and turbocharged Subaru Boxer engine are just a number of features driving Canadians attraction to the model.

Increase in Overall Sales

Canada is not the only country in which the Subaru brand is expanding. The U.S. market is also experiencing growth year over year. However, Subaru will remain a niche automotive company, with annual sales capped at 1 million, to preserve what makes this brand and it’s characteristics special to our customers.

A Message from Subaru Canada president and CEO, Shiro Ohta:

It is humbling to see such a wide range of our Subaru product portfolio being recognized by Canadians with the amazing job our dealer network is doing day in and day out. The same durability, quality and reliability is built into each and every one of our vehicles equally, as is a dedication to safety, and Canadians are recognizing the benefits that this is able to provide their individual or family lifestyle needs.”