Spring Showers? Nothing to Worry About With Subaru’s Symmetrical AWD


Poor driving conditions don’t stop when the snow melts, and neither does the need for reliable all-wheel drive. When the snow melts and those April showers start, the difference between all-wheel drive and two-wheel drive is still very clear. Having all-wheel drive is beneficial in every weather condition, and today we’re breaking down why that is.

Power and Traction

With Subaru’s Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive system, power is sent to all four wheels of the vehicle simultaneously. This offers maximum traction and acceleration. Not only that – the Subaru system is smart enough to know when that power needs to change. The second you hit a wet part of the road, whether a pile of slush or snow, or a puddle, the Symmetrical AWD system reacts and shifts power only to the wheels that are gripping the road. This helps you avoid slippage and prevent a loss of control.

Efficiency and Durability

Unlike many other systems, Subaru understands that more components often means less efficiency. Most other AWD systems start with either front or rear wheel drivetrains and add additional components and complex designs to create an all-wheel-drive system. Subaru is different than these systems, with the engine mounted inline with the drivetrain. This provides an easy, effortless transfer of power to all four wheels. This keeps the vehicle running efficiently, and reduces the risk of needing higher levels of maintenance down the road.

Stability and Control

With power flowing to all wheels at all times, Subaru vehicles offer a high level of stability and control. This is enhanced with the balance of the AWD design, offering evenly distributed weight so that it is nearly equal on either side of the vehicle. This helps you maintain a firm grip on the road at all times, especially in low-traction conditions (such as wet roads).

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