Keeping safe what matters

Subaru of Niagara is a dealership that represents the best in automotive styling, value and customer satisfaction. We brought this dealership to the Niagara naturally; Subaru’s were made for life in Niagara.

At Subaru of Niagara we follow the principle, looking after what matters, and what matters to us is you. Our vehicles are designed with your safety, comfort and style in mind.  We love what we do, and we know that you are going to love what we can do for you too.

Ranked #1 in Customer Satisfaction in Sales in Canada

Our focus on our customer, started with the development of our dealership. When we came to Niagara, we took to the streets and asked Subaru owners and dealers what they needed in a dealership. We took that feedback and designed our business with it front of mind. We believe we have enhanced the dealership experience so that we can do the very best for our customers day in, day out.

We believe in Subaru’s of course, but we also believe in great customer service, and when you visit the dealership you will that it is the forefront of our operation. You matter, it’s that simple.