What you need to know about Subaru STARLINK Systems

understanding subaru starlink technology

Subaru’s STARLINK infotainment system is a class-leading in-dash technology available in select Subaru models. STARLINK has created a standard for functionality and ease of use, something that all vehicle owners look for in today’s mobile world. Whether you’re an Android or iOS user, STARLINK is able to easily connect and provide you with all the information you need at your fingertips, from your vehicle, your computer, or your phone. Here is what you need to know about the Subaru STARLINK technology, and how it works for your Subaru.

All your favourite APPs

STARLINK app access through Bluetooth or USB cord gives you iHeart Radio, Pandora, Stitcher, Calendar, Food, News, Weather, Sports, and most importantly texting capabilities. With the 7” touchscreen, you can pick your favourite app or respond to incoming messages without having to move your hands from the wheel by using voice commands. Whether you’re looking for traffic updates, changing the car temperature, or responding to a friend, STARLINK technology creates a safe user experience so you can drive without shifting your focus from the road in front of you.

Enhanced Roadside Assistance

With 24/7 roadside assistance, you never have to worry about getting in touch. When you need help, click the blue “i” button on your overhead console (ceiling), for round the clock assistance. The button triggers the STARLINK Technology to communicate your exact GPS coordinates to a Subaru assistant, getting you out of a critical situation safely.

Automatic Collision Notifications

When you can’t reach that blue “i” button, how can you get help? If you ever end up in a collision that deploys an airbag, Subaru STARLINK automatically contacts a STARLINK advisor, 24/7/365. You don’t have to worry about calling for help, the STARLINK Advisor is able to automatically get coordinates in a serious situation, and will send appropriate responders to your location.

SOS Emergency Assistance

For emergencies that are not collision related, there is a red “SOS” button. It will also connect you to a STARLINK Advisor and talk you through your symptoms. If you can’t respond the advisor will send help to your vehicle. This emergency assistance, along with collision notifications, both work in the U.S and across Canada, a perfect solution for Subaru of Niagara customers.

Diagnostic Alerts

Automatic diagnostic alerts may seem like another tedious and inconvenient notification to receive in our overflowing inbox, however, they do provide valuable information that can save you thousands of dollars, when you know exactly what your vehicle is telling you. Whether the tests are showing that everything is good, or, if it finds a problem, you and your Subaru dealership can be on the same page about what your vehicle is telling you.

It also gives you a comprehensive history of the vehicle in the event that you ever want to trade it in or sell it.

Access Anywhere

Cell phone service is one of the most important connections we need in our daily lives. Having access to your vehicle information, locking capabilities, activating your horn, and connecting to a STARLINK Advisor is no different. When you are a Subaru Starlink subscriber, your cell phone or desktop becomes an extension of your vehicle. This means, like cell service, you need STARLINK to work in remote locations because that is when it is crucial to have. With remote service available for vehicle owners, you will always find, see, or hear your car.

Now with Subaru STARLINK Technology, you have a user-friendly experience that allows all vehicle owners to feel safe and connected in their cars. To learn more about this system, visit or call Subaru of Niagara, one of our team members will be able to answer additional questions you may have.