Understanding the Subaru Global Platform

subaru global platform

For over 50 years, Subaru has prided themselves on being the most forward-thinking automotive brand in the safety department. To continue this trend, the Subaru’s Global Platform has become the foundation for all Subaru models.

The focus of the Global Platform is refinement, safety, and adaptability to alternative powertrains. These changes were first executed in the 2017 Impreza and the 2018 Crosstrek. The Global Platform will be a key player in the next generation of all Subaru vehicles, and they will be engineered to outperform, built for the future, and completely flexible.

What Is The Subaru Global Platform?

Although the Global Platform is relatively new, the core Subaru elements, such as the BOXER (flat) engines, symmetrical all-wheel drive, and safety-minded vehicle designs will remain a part of the Subaru standard. What the new Global Platform will do to these standard elements, however, is make them bigger and better than ever before.

The safety element of Subaru has been undergoing redesigns and improvements in order to achieve “the world’s highest levels of collision safety even in 2025.” As for impact-energy-absorption, that will be achieved through new and improved high-strength steels and 70 to 100 percent stiffer bodies, making the energy absorption 40% higher than current Subaru models. In addition to the safety dynamics of Subaru, there will be a lower centre of gravity, which improves the handling response meaning better accident avoidance.

Changes in Production

Compatibility of production lines is another component that makes the Global Platform highly desirable. By streamlining production, there will be a bridge between parts made in their factories around the world. For example, if production is too high in Japan, those products can easily be made in America and shipped to the Japanese factory.

All of these elements of the Global Platform makes it an extremely beneficial addition to the Subaru lineup. With additional forward-thinking ideas, there is huge room for growth that will benefit the brand of Subaru and continue their excellent brand image.

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