Subaru Car Cleaning Tips For Spring

subaru car cleaning tips

There may still be snow on the ground, but spring is just around the corner – and that means it’s almost spring cleaning time! It’s the perfect time to get your Subaru warm-weather ready after a long, cold winter.

Car Cleaning Tips For Your Subaru’s Exterior

Time to get rid of all the salt that’s built upon your Subaru’s exterior over the winter. A thorough hand wash is a great first-step to getting your Subaru ready for warmer days. When it comes to cleaning your tires, although the professionals often use acid-based cleaners for your tires, at home you should opt for a non-acid-based tire cleaner. It’s safer for you and your tires. Acid is corrosive and, if used improperly, can damage the wheels or your skin if mishandled.

Check your headlights to see if they’ve become foggy. If they have, use a window cleaner and rub until they’re clear. This can be time-consuming, but clear headlights help you stay safe on the road.

After cleaning your Subaru with soap and water, make sure to give it a good rinse. Left-behind soap can result in streaks. Once rinsed, dry off your Subaru with a rubber squeegee. Letting the water evaporate can leave dirt on the surface of your car.

Waxing your Subaru can protect the paint. Although wax wears down after time, it can absorb scratches and other hazards so the paint stays intact. Spring is a perfect time to wax your car because if the surface of your car is too hot, the wax won’t bond properly.

Car Cleaning Tips For Your Subaru’s Interior

In winter, we tend to let things collect inside our cars. It’s time to declutter, and clean the inside of your Subaru and make it feel more like home.

If your Subaru is equipped with our advanced EyeSight Driver Assist Technology, be careful not to let any debris fall into the lenses. You can protect the lens by covering it with clear plastic wrap gently, avoiding contact with the lenses themselves. The cameras are located on either side of the rear-view mirror.

The first thing you should do is take out everything you no longer need in your car. Your Subaru may have accumulated mittens, hats and other items over the winter months. Be sure to declutter your trunk as well.

Now it’s time to vacuum and shampoo the inside of your Subaru. Most vacuums come with a nozzle attachment narrow enough to reach in-between the seats of your car. Take the mats out and vacuum underneath them. Once vacuumed, scrub your car using a stiff foaming shampoo.

Use special care for vinyl and wood, some harsh cleaners can ruin these materials. Treat them regularly. Use a vinyl upholstery cleaner for vinyl surfaces and a damp cloth for wood surfaces.

Bring your Subaru in for Service

The service department at Subaru of Niagara is happy to help you with your spring cleaning. It’s always a good idea to make sure that your car is running smoothly. Get your Subaru serviced as your final step to spring cleaning.