Give Your Subaru Some TLC This Valentine’s Day

subaru forester vehicle maintenance

Valentine’s Day is about showing others love and affection, so why not show your Subaru some love as well? Take the time to get caught up on the vehicle maintenance tasks that you always keep pushing off to show love to your Subie.

It’s The Little Things

Some of the smallest tasks are the ones many procrastinate. Take some time to check your tire pressure, which will help to ensure consistent pressure to avoid treadwear and possible tire failure. Taking time to check will also help you confirm that the tire is in good condition without any leaks throughout the tire.

Another way to show your Subaru some TLC is to check the wipers and window washer fluid. These are tasks we tend to overlook, but they are important things to keep up on. Checking your windshield wipers helps keep you safe on the roads (as well as everyone else!) before a winter storm happens. The final check is to make sure your windshield wiper fluid is full so that you are never stranded when a storm hits and road conditions are bad.

Under the Hood Vehicle Maintenance

Check under the hood to make sure the hoses are not cracked, oil is still filled and check the condition of the battery. Cold weather may cause breaks within your hoses, which is why it is important to check them when your car is cold. When you do, you’re checking for any bulges, cracks, soft spots, or brittleness that could lead to breakage. This will help to avoid leaks and breakage. Next, check your oil to ensure the oil is filled and circulating the flow of the car. If the oil is not filled, bring it into Subaru of Niagara to have one of our service technicians change and fill the oil.

The last bit of vehicle maintenance you should perform is to check the battery. The battery is what keeps your Subaru alive. When starting your vehicle, listen closely and make sure there is no slow crank within the engine. Check the engine light, and see if there is swelling or bloating around the battery. If you feel that any of these elements are happening, bring your vehicle to Subaru of Niagara where one of our service technicians will service your engine.

This Valentine’s Day, show your Subaru some love and check the things that matter. If you have any concerns or questions about your vehicle, bring it into Subaru of Niagara today to make sure your Subaru is up to date.