Subaru of Niagara’s Fall Maintenance Tips

get your subaru ready for fall

We’re midway through October now and the fall weather has officially changed. As we progress through fall and you haven’t gotten your seasonal maintenance on your Subaru yet, we’re here to remind you to inspect your vehicle to make sure it works effectively and is ready to take on the colder weather as we approach winter.

Here are some things you can do to make sure your Subie is prepared to take on the rest of the fall season!

Checking and Changing the Oil

Inspect the oil that is in your vehicle and determine whether your vehicle may need an oil change. If according to your maintenance schedule you’re nearing the time to get an oil change, you should schedule it now. Talk to the service technician about any changes to the oil viscosity that need to be made when preparing for the winter season. Ensuring that you complete routine maintenance to keep clean oil in your vehicle is essential to keeping your engine running smoothly all through winter.

Inspect Hoses and Belts

If you’re looking to prepare your vehicle for the long haul before winter, be aware how hard the cold weathers here in Southern Ontario can be on your vehicle. Make sure that you don’t have any cracks or tears in any of the hoses or belts in your vehicle, which can be made worse by the cold weather. It’s better to replace them now and be safe than have to replace them mid-winter.

Winterize The Exterior

The combination of salt, snow, and fluctuating temperatures (meaning melting and slushy snow) can all spell bad news for the exterior of your Subaru. That bad news comes in the form of rust on the outside of your car. To prevent rusting, inspect your vehicle closely for any scratches or blemishes in the paint. As the paint chips away, the exterior of your Subaru is more likely to rust. To prevent any issues with salt harming the paint on your vehicle now may be a good time to get your car waxed.

For more information on what to do to get your Subaru vehicle ready for the colder weather, bring your car down to Subaru of Niagara and talk to our Service team.