Best Practices For Breaking In New Subaru Cars

new subaru models

The first 1,000 kilometers of a new Subaru model’s life is a considered the break-in or mechanical run-in period where you should treat your engine a little more gently than you normally would. The idea behind the break in period is to allow the piston rings to settle into the engine’s cylinder walls.


Historically, the engine of a car needed a lengthy break-in time, however, with modern new car engines they come ready to go from the manufacturer. Despite this, it’s still a good idea to treat your Subaru engine gently for the first few hours of its life. This will ensure that your Subaru lasts a long life.

Operate Under Normal Conditions

Ideally, for the first 1,000 kilometers (approximately 5-10 hours of driving), you want to keep your speed under 100km/hour. It’s also important to not tow anything or do any serious off roading during those first 1,000 kilometers. All of this is because you don’t want to put any strain on your engine at first. Your engine needs some time to get warmed up, so you need to keep things operating gently at first.

Another tip is to vary the speed you’re going frequently, if possible. If you can, drive a mix of both city and highway for short periods to ensure that you’re not going a consistent speed for too long. We suggest avoiding the use of cruise control for a long period of time. If you’re testing it out during a test drive, that’s fine, but you don’t want to consistently stay at the same speed or RPMs.

Be Gradual

Whether you’re driving in the city or on the highway, don’t put your foot to the floor so quickly. Be gradual in your accelerations and your braking as you drive. Forcing your engine to start going very fast, very quickly puts a strain on it. The best practice for a well-kept engine is to be gradual as often as you can, however, the first thousand kilometers are the most important for this.

Braking slowly is also important for the longevity not just of the engine, as forcing it to a quick stop puts a strain on it as well. Unless absolutely necessary for safety reasons, avoid slamming on the brakes. You want to ease your engine into service.

Don’t Put Off The First Oil Change

The first oil change for your new Subaru car is arguably the most important one you will get for your engine. You may want to get the oil changed in your car earlier than normal, around 5,000kms. The earlier you get the oil changed, the better it will be for your engine.

Of course after this following your maintenance schedule and ensuring you stay up to date with routine vehicle maintenance is best to make sure your vehicle lasts for a long time. For more information on what that entails, contact Subaru of Niagara for info.