Is Your Check Engine Light On?

subaru of niagara vehicle maintenanceNo one ever wants to see their check engine light come on. When that light pops up, it means it’s time to bring your car in to get looked at by a service technician. It can be pretty anxiety inducing as a car owner – it could be a small issue, but it could be something that costs you a lot of money.

Here’s a list of common reasons why the check engine light in your Subaru might have gone off, to take some of that stress off of your mind the next time that light pops on in your car.

Oxygen Sensor

One of the most common reasons for the check engine light to go off is the oxygen sensor in your engine. This is a part that monitors the unburned oxygen from the exhaust of your car, helping to monitor how much fuel is burned. When the sensor isn’t working it can decrease your gas mileage. This happens frequently because over time the sensor can get covered in oil ash, which will reduce the sensor’s functionality.

Taking your car in to have the sensor looked at can save you thousands of dollars in potential damage which can occur if you don’t take the car in and try and ignore the problems.

Problems With the Gas Cap

Another common reason for the engine light to appear is that you may have a loose or faulty gas cap on your car. This might not seem important, but if the seal doesn’t work properly in the gas cap fuel vapors can start leaking out. Once these vapors start leaking, that can throw the entire fuel system off in your car, which can reduce gas mileage (and be very expensive!) and also increase emissions.

Spark Plugs and Wires

A spark plug seals the combustion chamber in the engine and gives a gab for a spark to jump across, which initiates combustion in the engine of your car. When the plugs start failing, the spark plugs misfire – this will feel like a jolt in your Subaru’s acceleration. A spark plug needs to be replaced every 100, 000 km or so, although they can fail before then. Your Service Technician will check these during routine vehicle maintenance to ensure that they’re still in good working order.

If your check engine light comes on, you can use these common reasons as a guess as to what might be going on under the hood of your Subaru. However, it’s important that you bring your car in and have one of our Service Technicians take a look at the car. Our team knows Subaru’s like no one else, and they’ll be able to help you quickly get back on the road with no problems. To book an appointment with Subaru of Niagara’s Service team, click here.