Introducing Subaru’s Meet an Owner Program

meet an owner

Subaru has introduced a new system to connect owners globally. #MeetAnOwner is a new hashtag started by the company, that links to a website where owners can create a profile with videos, photos, and interests.

We are creating our own social network of owners – and you’re invited!

What is it?

The website features profile of owners which can be personalized to fit their lives. These profiles feature photos of them (and their cars!) and lists directly under their name which model they drive, how long they’ve owned it, and how that car suits their lifestyle. This content-driven social network features over 100 profiles of owners and brand enthusiasts.

Those who are interested in purchasing a Subaru can interact with these users and ask questions about what it’s actually like to own the car they’re looking to purchase. These owners act as Ambassadors, telling those interested in buying a new car how their car fits into their lifestyle and what the benefits of owning a Subaru are.

Who are they?

On Meet an Owner, Ambassadors are people who own multiple Subaru vehicles and has a passion for the brand. This passion drives them to share their love of the Subie lifestyle with others, and share with new, potential owners how well a Subie would fit into their lives.

We know what you’re thinking. It doesn’t seem real. But, it is! These Ambassadors are not paid for their opinions or their content, and their profiles or comments are not altered at all. These Ambassadors are just so passionate about the brand that they want to share it with others. Communication between users and owners is encouraged to be genuine and completely free of the company’s influence.

The site also features Sponsored Endorsers, who are real owners with a passion for the brand. The Sponsored Endorsers, unlike the Ambassadors, are being paid for the content they create.

How do I participate?

You can join the Ambassadors and Endorsers at, and you can participate online on social media by using #MeetAnOwner. If you’re doing your research and you decide to take the best step and buy one of your own, come down to Subaru of Niagara!