2018 Subaru Outback coming to New York

2018 subaru outback

The brand new 2018 Subaru Outback is slated to debut at the New York International Auto Show this weeks. The 2017 model brough Subaru a great deal of success, becoming a runaway sales  hit. It’s impressive off road capabilities and utility gave it a leg up on the competition and brought many SUV shoppers to Subaru.

For the 2018 model, Subaru is looking to bring the model into a more upscale market. Changes made both on the exterior design and the interior design and tech make way for this SUV to move up the ladder and create a smoother more luxurious car, and in turn gain even more success than it’s predecessor.

Subaru Outback exterior redesigned

The new 2017 Subaru Outback gives you a taste of luxury at first glance. The all new model was given a new front design, and a new rear design, sparing no expense to enhance model. The upgrades gives the Outback a new aggressive look, as well as standard LED daytime running lights.

These LED lights were given new shapes, adding to it’s new design. The Outback also received a makeover on the wheels with Subaru giving them a new, fresh design. The side mirrors also received some updates, which aren’t just stylish, but also practical: Subaru says these new mirrors will help combat wind noise for the Outback.

Interior redesign

The makeovers didn’t end at the outside. Inside, the Outback was given re-tuned suspension, steering, and brakes to give the driver a more tuned and improved driving experience. The transmission was given adjustments, as well as the engine timing, in an effort to reduce noise.

The Outback was also outfitted with new sound insulating glass for the front side windows, in an attempt to keep the interior cabin with as much noise reduction as possible. The interior also got redesigned stitching on the dashboard for Premium trim. New stitching is also added to the seats and door panels in the Limited and Touring 2018 models as well.

New safety features

The new Outback also has been updated with improved safety features as well. The new safety features include steering-responsive headlights, automatic high beams, and a reverse automatic braking system.

The 2018 model also features the already popular EyeSight suite of safety features that are available for the 2017 Subaru models.

There’s no word yet on pricing for the 2018 Outback. This announcement will likely come soon, so keep an eye out. The brand new model will go on sale this summer.